Crop It Like It’s Hot?

I’m a big believer in being a self-starter and learning things on my own. I don’t know if it’s an issue of pride or if it’s a curiosity to learn, but I love being able to find out things on my own and to teach myself. Over the last year I’ve taken a vector graphics class. I learned an incredible amount of information about Adobe Illustrator and my own creativity. There was lots I still had to learn about the software, so I have spent the rest of that time teaching myself Adobe Illustrator. It’s been a long process, but I’ve produced some of my favorite passion projects.

Here I used a photo of a wristwatch to create a vector watch. My goal was to create a watch that looked photorealistic and that had similarities to the reference photo. Through this I learned so much about looking at objects in a different way. I had to visualize each element of the watch that I wanted to create with special attention to shadows and light. The hardest aspect about this project was re-creating how the light and shadows worked together to make something realistic. Overall, I’m pleased with how it turned out.

With some extra time I had, I decided to create another vector watch. I used the same principles and things I had learned about perspective and light to create this.


One of my favorite activities is watching movies. I am a BIG Disney fan and have always loved when they’ve created strong heroines to be the main character. When the Walt Disney Company announced they would be creating Moana I was ecstatic from the very beginning. Since its release, I wanted to create some vector graphics of one of my favorite Disney characters: Moana of Motunui. I love her development, the tug at the heartstrings moments throughout the movie, and the valuable lessons she learns through her journey. That served as the springboard of inspiration. In my design I incorporated her profile, a powerful, standalone phrase from the movie, and my love for the minimalistic approach to design.

Lastly, in another one of my passion projects, I wanted to create a t-shirt design. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a shirt that creatives would understand. I thought of cheesy puns and jokes I’ve heard over the years, and I finally thought of this. My inspiration came from watching Austenland. One of my favorite scenes from the movie comes from Keri Russell’s character. She’s asked to play a song on the piano and decides to play a phrase from Nelly’s “Hot In Here”. The song kept playing in my mind and soon other hip hop and rap songs came to my mind. “Drop It Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg came in my head and I envisioned a joke that could work for my vector t-shirt. Here’s the finished product all done in Adobe Illustrator.

Final Photobook

My COMM 300 class has been such a valuable gift to me. Throughout the semester I’ve learned how to master my camera and edit like a pro. My final project for this course is my final photobook. Inside you’ll find some of my favorite images I’ve taken and edited. I have a wide spectrum of photos that are featured, from the old days of the wild west at Bannack to the smallest details in macro photography.

All final edits were done with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom with book designing on Adobe Indesign.

Kayla Taculog’s Photobook

Super 5!

This semester in Comm 300 has been such an adventure. From post-production editing, lighting techniques, composition, to creating my own style, I’ve learned an incredible amount. Below are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken through the semester.


In this photo a speedlite was used to capture a chiaroscuro lighting effect. I wanted to use moody lighting to tell the story of taking oneself out of the dark and looking up to the light.

KaylaTaculog-Whole New World

During our macro photography week I used a close up filter (+4) to capture the details of this yellow bell pepper and LED light for continuous lighting.

KaylaTaculog-Anne With an 'E'

At Bannack, Montana, I was able to capture this shot using an einstein strobe with reflector.


Also taken at Bannack, Montana, this shot was taken to feature the lamp by creating a small amount of bokeh.


This shot was taken near the end of golden hour in Saint Anthony, Idaho. I used a speedlite and a reflector (gold side) to emulate clamshell lighting.


Tasteful Typography

Fine Art Template


Themed Image Series

As a themed series I wanted to capture not only glass, but the reflections of the sky in the window panes. I was inspired to take these photos in Bannack, Montana to reflect what I feel windows do: give us a perspective of something else. All edits were done in lightroom–mostly to add light and more brightness to the images–to follow the theme of windows shedding new perspective and light.

Title: Optimus Princeps

Body: Avenir Next Condensed (thin)



This week for landscapes I went out to Moody, Idaho and St. Anthony to catch some golden hour, blue hour, and sunset shots. In the first two shots I used the Auto Exposure Bracketing program on my Canon T4i. In post, I selected the picture exposed at 0 and masked in the sky of the picture exposed at -2. Doing this gave me the opportunity to turn an everyday shot into a extraordinary scene. The last picture I captured in St. Anthony during blue hour and set my camera on a long exposure to get the smooth, flowing water.


This week in photos comprises portraits of some of my close friends. We made a trip out to Saint Anthony, Idaho and got some good lighting at golden and blue hour.

This shot was taken near the end of golden hour. I captured it with a large aperture (7.1) and attempted to create a clamshell lighting effect by using a speedlite and reflector on its gold side.

This was shot with the same reflector (gold) to hit on the model’s face. I also wanted to get the contrast of golden hour going in to blue hour creeping into the far left of the photo.