HTML & CSS Coding Project



Create a custom HTML/CSS webpage.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):

  1. I started with laying out the structure and layout of my website.
  2. Next, I went and cleaned up a few elements in my logo in Illustrator.
  3. I then opened the HTML file and making changes to the file.
  4. Then I linked the CSS file to the HTML file and made changes from the CSS file.
  5. I opened up Safari to make sure the changes I made were pleasing to me.
  6. After revising the CSS and HTML files I validated both of those files.

Critique Process:

I met with Danielle Esplin and she gave me some good feedback on what to change and alter. She suggested that I increase the width of the body portion of the webpage from 600 to something around 800-900px. She also suggested the I decrease the size of the H1 header so that there was more room for the logo to have.

One-on-one: Danielle Esplin

Facebook Critique: n/a

Instructor Critique: not provided


I wanted to convey that my SMM and photography services are professional, high quality, and consistent.


I want to attract milllenials and other modern business professionals to seek services from my brand.

Top Thing Learned:

I learned a lot of shortcuts, mostly changing windows and tabs, as well as some in CSS.

Color Scheme and Color Names:

Monochromatic–Blue, white, and gray.

Title Font Name and Category:

Avenir Next Condensed–Sans Serif.

Copy Font Name and Category:

Avenir Next Condensed–Sans Serif.

Thumbnails of any original, unedited image(s) used in project:


Source of each image:



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