Brochure Project


Create a brochure for a company.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS Principles):

  1. I started by creating the PRISM logo in illustrator. I was inspired by a lot of vector logos on Pinterest with a combination of my own personal spin on them.
  2. Next, I started on the layout of my brochure in InDesign. I felt that because the brand I was called prism, I would insert my images into the boxes you see above.
  3. I then edited a few photos in Photoshop, as per instructions.

Critique Process:

I met with Danielle Esplin in person and had input from Kylee Egbert. Both gave good insight to different things I could change to improve my brochure. Danielle initially helped me create my logo. She thought I could vary the different shades of green I used in the logo, to give greater contrast to all of the sides. Kylee pointed out that the body copy of brochure was really small, so she suggested I make it bigger.


To provide information to those who are in search of photography and videography services.


Any person wanting services that Prism Studios has to offer.

Top Thing Learned:

The top thing I learned was the efficiency and blessing of using the guides were. There was a lot of aligning I had to do, and having those guides helped me a lot.

Color Scheme & Color Names:

Analogous–teal, blue, and green.

Title Font Name and Category:

Avenir Next–Sans Serif

Copy Font Name and Category:

Avenir Next–Sans Serif

Thumbnails of any original, unedited image(s) used in project:

Source of each image (website name and hyperlink):

Logo is my own.

All images from


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