Hello! I am Kayla Taculog from Orem, Utah. I am a Communications student at BYU-Idaho, and I am very excited to learn skills that will help me excel in all facets of my life. My passion for learning, writing, creating relationships, and analytics has driven me to pursue a career in Public Relations. I’ve come to love knowing a little bit about a lot. Throughout my site you will find some work that I’ve created throughout my experiences at college. They include PR lessons, design work, photography, etc.

Family and faith have always come first in my life. One of my aspirations in life is to change the world’s view of God and family through my personal and online interactions. I hope to be a positive advocate and influence of the LDS church and do that through my passions of writing, social media, and serving others.

I’m an ordinary, average person and always love having fun. Some of my hobbies and things that I love include: watching Marvel movies,  trying new foods, reading, playing sports, Ritter Sport chocolate and making other people laugh.