Comm 100 Class Summaries

This section is a short summary of what I have learned over the last few weeks of career presentations in Comm 100.


From Brother Thompson’s message I learned more about class sequencing and opportunities to be a part of Scroll and Soapbox. I had heard about Soapbox prior to taking Comm 100, but never understood what they were or did. Because of him, when I’m ready, I really want to apply to be a part of the agency. I feel like it could help me with real world experience and put my foot in the door for future employers.


What Brother Williams talked about ignited a desire to begin to write and to improve it. I believe I have undermined the role of journalists (and writers for that matter) and the amount of power they have in their writing. I have always enjoyed writing and his challenge to us to be better reflectors of the light of Christ has helped me to begin to seriously create well thought, quality content.

Broadcast Journalism/Video Production:

I really enjoyed having Brother Howard and Brother Mawlam visit to talk about their backgrounds in video production and broadcast journalism. A common theme among all of the teachers that have presented are the messages that experience is essential and having an eclectic set of skills and abilities will make you more marketable and wanted by potential employers. I have unintentionally been avoiding how to create video and to be on video because it is something that has been a weakness. It wasn’t until they both came to present that my fear was put on the back burner and had a legitimate want to learn everything that deals with video production.

Visual Communication:

What stood out to me the most was the demand there is for visual communication skills and workers. It was really interesting to learn from Sister Esplin what other emphases could be paired with the visual communication module/cluster. What she said made me reconsider some of the classes I want to take to make me a better communicator and more marketable person.