Final Photobook

The end of the semester is finally here and I’m really excited/sad for it all. I was able to finish my photobook and get it printed. I originally wasn’t expecting much out of the finished product, but am really proud and happy at how it turned out digitally and physically. I really enjoyed being able to have some experience printing a collection of my work and having a physical copy of my photos. It was interesting to get my photobook from the printer this time around. There were a few images that printed more red than I had edited them to be, but overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out.

My intent for this photobook was to stay true to my personal branding. In my projects and design work I like to incorporate a more modern, sleek, simple, and elegant look. I chose black and white as the major color scheme so that my photos remained the main focal point of the book.

All of my photos were edited in Photoshop and Lightroom, with the photobook designed in InDesign. Below are the links to my pdf version of my photobook.




First Five

The following are a final draft of my first five pages of my photobook. They include front/back cover, table of contents, professional page, and a spread. I had fun laying out my design and I’m super excited to see how it’ll turn out on print.

Macro Madness

This week I had fun working on some macro shots. In most of my shots I used two close-up filters (+4 and +10). I love being able to take macro shots because it forces me to think more creatively than I typically do. In my macro shots of the coins, pine cones, and wheat, I used natural lighting. In my milkdrop shots I used two speedlites as my auxiliary lighting. In post I sharpened my my images, added contrast, played with the hue and saturation and did some dodging/burning.

Bannack Themed Series





I had some fun with this week’s activity! I love graphic design, so being able fuse photography and graphic design into one assignment has been awesome. At Bannack I noticed that a lot of the buildings had cool textures just from being worn down over the years. It tells a story of the original owners of the town and how it has aged and changed up until now. I also really like the concept of broken things becoming strong and using those once weaknesses to illustrate who we are. I thought that these broken and torn walls and my concept blended well together and showcases my original idea well.

Title: Avenir Next Bold

Body: Avenir Next Ultra Thin




This week in photography is one of my favorite aspects of shooting photography: portraits. I love being able to capture people, whether candidly or posed, to tell a story. This week I shot a head shot, side composition, full body, group pictures (posed and candid), and group environmental. I loved the fall colors out in the landscape and tried to use a more muted-color theme in my editing.


Individual Head and Shoulder Shot


Individual Side Composition


Individual Full Body


Group Posed


Group Activity


Landscape Perspective

This week I had the opportunity to take some photos of landscape with different perspective. I love being able to take a place that I see and put and showcase my own spin and perspective. I went to the apple orchards at BYUI and had some fun looking at the awesome trees and plants.

Motion Photography

This week I had some fun brainstorming ideas that would illustrate freeze motion and blurred motion. In both of these photos I demonstrate how the use of shutter speed can capture different types of motion in photography.

Freeze Motion

In these two photos I used a speedlite to freeze the water in the goblets and powder. I used a fast shutter speed that would sync with the speedlites. I also had a medium-sized aperture (8.0) to capture more of a studio quality shot.

Blur Motion

For my blur motion shot, I went out to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes and took astrophotography exposures. The light trails was a happy accident, but illustrates that with the shutter open for that long, any light will make light trails.

“Bottoms Up”; 9-24-17, 8PM; Rexburg, ID; FL: 50mm; f/7.1; 1/125; Canon T5- tripod and 2 Speedlites


“Holi”; 9-64-17, 6PM; Rexburg, ID; FL:107mm; f/8.0; 1/160; Canon T5i; Speedlite


“Night Sky”; 9-24-17, 8PM; St. Anthony, ID; FL: 50mm; f/3.2; 30 seconds; Canon T5i-Tripod