Bannack Fine Art

At Bannack, Montana there are lots of old-time trinkets, architecture, and vibes. You definitely see history right up close. In my fine art photography of this old ghost town, I found different perspectives and textures that I thought were interesting and could help tell the story of this special place.




Landscape Perspective

This week I had the opportunity to take some photos of landscape with different perspective. I love being able to take a place that I see and put and showcase my own spin and perspective. I went to the apple orchards at BYUI and had some fun looking at the awesome trees and plants.

Motion Photography

This week I had some fun brainstorming ideas that would illustrate freeze motion and blurred motion. In both of these photos I demonstrate how the use of shutter speed can capture different types of motion in photography.

Freeze Motion

In these two photos I used a speedlite to freeze the water in the goblets and powder. I used a fast shutter speed that would sync with the speedlites. I also had a medium-sized aperture (8.0) to capture more of a studio quality shot.

Blur Motion

For my blur motion shot, I went out to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes and took astrophotography exposures. The light trails was a happy accident, but illustrates that with the shutter open for that long, any light will make light trails.

“Bottoms Up”; 9-24-17, 8PM; Rexburg, ID; FL: 50mm; f/7.1; 1/125; Canon T5- tripod and 2 Speedlites


“Holi”; 9-64-17, 6PM; Rexburg, ID; FL:107mm; f/8.0; 1/160; Canon T5i; Speedlite


“Night Sky”; 9-24-17, 8PM; St. Anthony, ID; FL: 50mm; f/3.2; 30 seconds; Canon T5i-Tripod



This week for landscapes I went out to Moody, Idaho and St. Anthony to catch some golden hour, blue hour, and sunset shots. In the first two shots I used the Auto Exposure Bracketing program on my Canon T4i. In post, I selected the picture exposed at 0 and masked in the sky of the picture exposed at -2. Doing this gave me the opportunity to turn an everyday shot into a extraordinary scene. The last picture I captured in St. Anthony during blue hour and set my camera on a long exposure to get the smooth, flowing water.